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Galileo Galilei Quick Quiz

This is a quick review quiz on all things you need to know about Galileo for your CSEC Physics exams. If you want a quick review before taking the quiz here is a short video about Galileo Galilei. Here’s the Quiz… Continue Reading →

Galileo’s Contribution to Science

Galileo Galilei, born in Italy in 1564 made contributions to Physics and Astronomy and has been called the father of science. He is well known for developing the approach to the scientific theory. His method of careful experimentation and observation… Continue Reading →


This is a question of density. Which of these two blocks would be heavier? One is made of lead and the other is made of cork (that’s the same cork that is used to seal wine bottles.) The Explanation Density… Continue Reading →

Mass and Weight

It is common for students to mix up the terms mass and weight when studying physics.  Mostly it is because people generally have experiences with it before starting to study. We usually talk about how much we weigh or about how much this sack… Continue Reading →

Difference between scalars and vectors

What is a vector or a scalar quantity? To help you to understand a little bit about scalar and vector quantities, imagine this scenario. You want some juice to drink, so you ask your sibling if there is any in… Continue Reading →

Center of gravity

The center of gravity (center of mass), is the point at which the whole weight of a body is considered to act. How to find the center of gravity for irregular objects Activity Here is an activity to determine the center of… Continue Reading →

Investigate the effect of length on the period of a simple pendulum

This is a simple pendulum experiment. It is a simulation and therefore is a lot easier to carry out than the live experiment. Use it to verify your values for the period of a pendulum for a specific length. The… Continue Reading →

Errors in practicals and how to minimize them

While writing up your lab report, you will often have to mention various sources of errors that you encountered while doing your physics experiment that could’ve affected your final results. They make for good material to put in the discussion… Continue Reading →

Simple Pendulum [FULL] – with Real Equipment

The aim of this activity is to find out which of the following 3 variables affect the period of a pendulum: mass of the bob, length of the string and frictional force.

Simple Pendulum [FULL] – Virtual

This pendulum animation provides a simple way for you to perform the popular pendulum activity on the computer. The aim of this activity is to find out which of the following 3 variables affect the period of a pendulum: mass of… Continue Reading →

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