CSEC Physics classes are available online. They are suitable for adults who are interested in a change of career and need an alternate form of classes (other than meeting face to face with a tutor on a regular basis). They are also suitable to you if you are a secondary school student and want to add additional study time to your physics schedule.


  • Past Paper practice sessions
  • Cover syllabus in 1 year
  • Vibrant interactive sessions
  • Simulations for easy understanding
  • Lab prep (for adult & private candidates only)

With these classes you can prepare from the comfort of your own home. All you need is a good Internet connection and a laptop/computer/tablet.

Adults students will be required to attend practical classes. Practical classes are necessary to prepare for the actual alternative to practical exam i.e. Paper 3/2. There will be approximately 12 of these classes. All other classes will be held online.

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